27 October, 2010

My PLN "The Duck"

At the risk of repeating myself in numerous places...

I finally had a bit of a breakthrough with using CMAP to chart my PLN. I don't really know what clicked but it all just flowed onto the screen one morning. The duck is purely serendipitous. The map just ended up in that vague shape and given that I'm a visual learner and like to make people associate understanding with visual cues, I pasted the duck in.

My Personal Learning Network

On reflection there are a few issues:
  • I don't yet use some of the tools I've listed
  • I'm fairly sure there are also some missing
  • I'm not entirely happy with the use of the clip art picture. I think it is free, but I'm not sure and I think I may end up doing my own duck (which may be fun)
I know there are some tools not listed because although they are used to interact with the network, they aren't actually a part of it. I'm thinking specifically of Netvibes (which once I worked out how to use has proved absolutely invaluable) and Delicious and Diigo (also essential) and Facebook/Twitter etc

I think that they are part of my PLE but have yet to concrete my understanding of the term.

As soon as I'd added the duck in though, it did occur to me that the PLE should be done in a turkey and that I needed to include a chicken in the middle. A turducken seems too good an opportunity to pass up :)


  1. Hope you don't mind Ian, Posted your Flickr duck PLN and recommended your blog on the Discussion forum "Our Expertise".
    Susan O'Grady

  2. Love the map too! Thank you for joining the group - looking foward to explore collaboration !

  3. @susan, no problem at all. It's quite gratifying to finally have made an artefact that has generated interest.
    @julia - great idea for the group. I'll make more of an effort to to do posts and questions direct to it rather than just referring the blog. You are right to insist on that. I only realised afterward that I was using it as a lazy way of getting my blog noticed. See you there.