23 September, 2010

PLENK - Too much information...

There is so much information to absorb in this course. I thought last night that I may just have to resign myself to working through everything more slowly than the offical course allows and hoping that the Moodle and resources will still be open after the ten weeks are up. The downside is that most of the important discussion points will probably be over. I'll be tagging comments on but everyone else will have moved on. This flies in the face of the idea that I am part of a network of people who are learning together.

Lindsay Jordan has made a nice post about how to effectively manage the overload of information and I hope that some of her pointers will help me deal with the information overload.

I suppose I should be attempting to answer the questions I posed in my first post.
  1. How applicable do people see this in high school or primary school settings? 
  2. How do people envisage assessment occurring? 
  3. Would assessment be a case of submitting pieces of work, or would it be a case of gradually developing and quantifying the respect of your peers as you progress from novice toward expert in your particular interest area

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  1. A superabundance of exciting information
    and I also want to drink the entire river
    Thanks for your post